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Does this man Gary sturgess, ex top Australian cabinet minister now director of serco run the world or just the UK?
With rumours all over the world that Assange is a fake there are constant leaks from wikileaks about planned Nuclear disasters.
Recently within the last 2 weeks wiki leaked that Nuclear bombs were planted in Cities, and if Osama was killed then these would be used?
And now on a day that Osama bin laden is pronounced dead with fake photographs, the wiki lies resurface.

Part of their plan?

Is it a coincidence that assange and the head of serco are both called Lord of the flies and Lord of the files respectively?
Both from queensland with serco, and 13 years on assange is seen in one of serco’s escort vans for exposing nuclear leaks whilst serco looks after our nuclear, with a warning on a nuclear disaster at sellafield in the next column to assange in their vans. Coincidence? Or is this this one of the biggest in your face cons ever?

Here is a story which links all of these together are seemingly designed on Lord of the flies and 1984
To be used to bring in the NWO.
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Picture taken from bbc website january 2011

And did he create assange as a model in light of George orwells 1984 or William goldings ‘Lord of the flies’, because sturgess was called Lord of the files?
There is no doubt that this man Gary sturgess is one of the most distinguished intellectual  superior beings in existence, his credentials do nothing more than amaze, but through is love of history, religion, globalization, politics, literature, storytelling and fiction novels;
Did he with serco the company you have never heard of create Assange for their totalitarian agenda?
Or Is he the real step/father/Guardian of Assange or to his half brother?
Is there more than a coincidence that there are links to both and that their nicknames ( lord of the files/flies and stories are the same as in comparisons to  George orwells 1984    and William goldings ‘Lord of the flies’
They also have a lot more interests that link to haarp/darpa and the Australian federal police.

I will highlight just a few connections to Assange and Gary Sturgess. Then explain the connection to 1984.
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Picture taken from bbc website january 2011

 The Lord of Flies nestled within America's intelligence establishment sent lead bees to sting Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, and Malcolm X when each was only 39.
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is now 39., huffington post.

Robert Manne on Julian Assange "You 're a bunch of mindless apes out of Lord of the Flies"
." The sense evolution of mendax influenced by mentiri "to speak falsely, lie, deceive."
Quoted in the assange biography is this at the start of the apache video which he released” it began with a quote from George Orwell that Assange and M had selected: “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.
Assange was assisting with criminal prosecutions through the Australian federal police at the same time has Gary sturgess in 1993,

Gary sturgess contributing to a number of public inquiries and criminal prosecutions through the Australian federal police 1993 - 2000, and earning him the nickname 'Lord of the Files'.
The cult Assange was in was investigated numerous times whilst mr Sturgess was virtual chief governor of the Australian federal police, Both with a similar nickname, Lord of the files, lord of the flies,Both living in the same places at the same time, Queensland, Brisbane, magnetic island,the great barrier reef, Townsville where assange grew up,Mr sturgess governed the Townsville great barrier reef, (Australian federal police managed by at one point cabinet minister Mr sturgess, reformed such as National Competition Policy,

Nuclear, wikileaks, in the bbc article where the content is security fears at nuclear bases managed by serco an American company where Al gore has more than an interest and assanges picture next to it whilst he is sat in their escort van, Whilst Assange is exposing nuclear threats, Al gore denouncing assange and regrets the internet but has assange sitting in one of his escort vans?

They both have links with Murdoch, and both have political connections, theres just a few, what are the chances of that?
I have highlighted a couple of things in bold below on comparisons to 1984 and lord of the flies.

Lord of the Flies
by William Golding and1984 by George Orwell portray
pessimistic and horrifying views of society, although each novel does so in its own way. Lord of
the Flies brings out inner human nature and shows its corruption while 1984 shows its author’s
rendition of a grim future where there is no hope for mankind. In this essay, both books will be
compared and contrasted and it will be shown that Lord of the Flies has the more terrifying
depiction of society.
Lord of the Flies is similar to 1984 in many ways. As stated before, they both are
pessimistic and show mankind at its worst. But there are also many trivial similarities. For
instance, each book focuses on one character who is not corrupt and brings out the flaws in the
others. Ralph plays this character in Lord of the Flies and Winston in1984. Near the end of each
book, both of the main characters are in danger of becoming dissolute (Definition of dissolute is marked by indulgence in things (as drink or promiscuous sex) deemed vices), themselves. Winston ( as in 1984)
actually becomes a subservient Party member (Definition of subservient is Subordinate in capacity or function. Obsequious; servile. Useful as a means or an instrument; serving to promote an end), and Ralph forgets what the fire is for but luckily has Piggy there to remind him. But although the books have similarities, they also have differences. Lord of the Flies portrays corruption of human nature in its lowest form. It depicts schoolboys stranded on an island ( could this be Magnetic island) reverting to their selfish ways because they are no longer bound by the laws set in place by grown-ups back in Britain.             

They simply do what they please on the island, even if it includes
killing.1984, meanwhile, shows a political society in which a small group holds power for its
own pleasure while the many suffer. The world is seen as a hopeless case because there is no way
out of the rule of the Party. There is no way depicted of overthrowing the party or of the party
overthrowing itself because of doublethink. The whole novel is about the story of one man and
his attempts to sabotage the party, but he never succeeds.

Taken as a whole, Lord of the Flies shows a more terrifying view of society for many
reasons. In Lord of the Flies, there is even more hopelessness than in1984 because of the
horrible condition of human nature portrayed. When the children have been on the island for a
while and the effects of their parents’ punishments have worn off, there is no moral sting on their
consciences at all, even when they murder. This brings out fears in the reader that as humans, we
can detach ourselves from morality if we get rid of the consequences and the teachings of society. 

With human nature as it is portrayed in Lord of the Flies, as a race we will never be able
to get rid of horrible crimes and corruption in society. In1984, human nature is seen as
potentially good except when it is controlled by power. Wilson repeats to himself many times
“hope lies in the proles.” From the viewpoint of the Party, this is not the case, because the party
believes itself to be perfect. 
They believe they weed out any smart proles so they will never be overthrown. 

But when reading the book, the reader sees that the Party is not perfect and will
probably make a mistake and there will be a chance for an uprising by the proles. In any case,
when human nature is portrayed as good, hope always exists in some small degree.
Overall, Lord of the Flies by Golding and1984 by Orwell have many important similarities and differences, but the most significant difference is that Lord of the Flies shows corruption and complete hopelessness in

human nature whereas1984 shows a corrupt and almost hopeless political system. For this reason, Lord of the Flies is the more horrifying depiction of society.

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Now comparing the two early lifes growing up in Queensland is where it gets interesting, Here is the Wikipedia of both in case you don’t want to read it all I have highlighted important parts again in bold and red;
Assange: Early life
Assange was born in Townsville, Queensland, and spent much of his youth living on Magnetic Island.[20] the same island gary sturgess was governor of ( barrier reef)
Assange has asserted that: "Capable, generous men do not create victims; they nurture victims." He says he is a combative person and that perhaps he is not so good at nurturing, but that "there is another way of nurturing victims, which is to police perpetrators."[23]
In 1979, his mother remarried; her new husband was a musician whom Julian Assange believed belonged to a New Age group called Santiniketan Park Association led by Yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The couple had a son, but broke up in 1982 and engaged in a custody struggle for Assange's half-brother. His divorced mother fled her boyfriend across Australia, taking both children into hiding for the next five years. Assange moved 30 times before he turned 14, attending many schools, sometimes being home-schooled.[2][24]
[edit]Hacking and conviction
In 1987, after turning 16, Assange began hacking under the name "Mendax" (derived from a phrase of Horace: "splendide mendax", or "nobly untruthful").[2] He and two other hackers joined to form a group which they named the International Subversives. The Personal Democracy Forum said he was "Australia's most famous ethical computer hacker."[25]
The Australian Federal Police became aware of this group and set up "Operation Weather" to investigate their hacking. In September 1991 Mendax was discovered in the act of hacking into the Melbourne master terminal of Nortel, the Canadian telecommunications company.[2] In response the Australian Federal Police tapped Assanges' phoneline and subsequently raided his Melbourne home in 1991.[26] He was also reported to have accessed computers belonging to an Australian university,[2] the USAF 7th Command Group in the Pentagon[27] and other organisations, via modem.[28] It took three years to bring the case to court, where he was charged with 31 counts of hacking and related crimes. Nortel said his incursions cost them more than $100,000 dollars. Despite representing hacking as a victimless crime, he nonetheless pleaded guilty to 25 charges of hacking. Six charges were dropped. He was released on bond for good conduct after being fined A$2100.[2][29] The judge said "there is just no evidence that there was anything other than sort of intelligent inquisitiveness and the pleasure of being able to—what's the expression—surf through these various computers"[2] and even though he stated that Assange would have gone to jail for up to 10 years if he had not had such a disrupted childhood![27] ( only if all judges were as nice as that!!)
Assange later commented, "It's a bit annoying, actually. Because I co-wrote a book about [being a hacker], there are documentaries about that, people talk about that a lot. They can cut and paste. But that was 20 years ago. It's very annoying to see modern day articles calling me a computer hacker. I'm not ashamed of it, I'm quite proud of it. But I understand the reason they suggest I'm a computer hacker now. There's a very specific reason."[4] ( just what specific reason?)
Then when you look at what follows with everyone seemingly backing down;
In 2011 court records revealed that in 1993 Assange helped Victoria Police Child Exploitation Unit by providing technical advice and assisted in prosecuting persons.[30] is that the time a deal was done?
In 1989, Assange started living with his girlfriend and they had a son, Daniel.[31] They split up during the period of Assange's arrest and conviction. They subsequently engaged in a lengthy custody struggle and did not agree on a custody arrangement until 1999.[2][32]
The entire process prompted Assange and his mother to form Parent Inquiry Into Child Protection, an activist group centered on creating a "central databank"

Retractions of, or apologies for, criticism?
The Australian Federal Government has retracted its previous comments that the actions of Julian Assange constituted a crime. They also found no grounds to withdraw his Australian passport after an investigation by the Australian Federal Police. (Deal done?)Since then, representatives of the Australian Federal Government and the major opposition including Craig Emerson the Minister for Trade and Helen Coonan the former minister for Communications have made statements supportive of Wikileaks and deprecated some threats. Emerson stated on ABC's Q&A program; "We condemn absolutely the threats that have been made by some people in the United States against Julian Assange and he deserves all of the rights of being an Australian citizen"

SturgessAM is executive director of the Serco Institute, a London-based think tank specialising in the design and management of public service markets. He was previously Cabinet Secretary in New South Wales, Australia, under Premier Nick Greiner, during which time he introduced a number of major policy initiatives including theIndependent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).
Early years
Sturgess grew up in Queensland, a small town approximately three hours inland from Brisbane. He was educated at local state schools, and graduated in law from the University of Queensland.
Sturgess moved to Sydney to become the legal correspondent for Australia's leading news magazine, The Bulletin.
In 1982, he was recruited by Jim Carlton, recently appointed as Federal Minister for Health, to serve as his private secretary. Following the fall of the Fraser Government in March 1983, he joined the staff of the newly-elected Leader of the New South Wales Opposition, Nick Greiner, as the Director of Research and Policy Development. In addition to policy development, he directed extensive research into official corruption in the then NSW Government, contributing to a number of public inquiries and criminal prosecutions, and earning him the nickname 'Lord of the Files'.

Upon the change of government in March 1988, he was appointed as Director-General of the NSW Cabinet Office in the Liberal-National Coalition Government led by Premier Nick Greiner. In the five years he served as Cabinet Secretary, Sturgess personally drove a number of policy initiatives, including the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the corporatisation of government business enterprises, the so-called 'new environmentalism' (including tradeable air, water and fishing permits), and the creation of a national electricity market.

From 1990, he was a leading player behind-the-scenes in the 'new federalism' agenda, initiated by Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Premier Greiner. He led the NSW delegation to a series of Special Premiers Conferences that produced generational reforms such as National Competition Policy, a national electricity market, mutual recognition of state regulations and ultimately, the Council of Australian Governments.

He retired from public administration in late 1992 following the resignation of Greiner as Premier. Sturgess chaired a series of government inquiries into business regulation, the governance of the Great Barrier Reef Park Authority, the financial management of the Australian Federal Police and the rationalisation of Australia's border controls, among other issues.

He also served on a number of public, private and not-for-profit boards, including the NSW Police Board and spent seven years as a non-executive director of the Serco Group PLC, a FTSE-100 public service company operating in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.
In 2000, Sturgess relocated to London at the same time as assange travelled, where he joined Serco as Adviser to the Board and then from January 2003, as Executive Director of the Serco Institute, whose purpose is "to foster the development of sustainable public service markets through an outward-facing programme of research and communication"

Mr Sturgess engineered the dumping of 2000 teachers, 5000 school cleaners and more than 8000 rail workers within a year of Nick Greiner becoming premier in 1988.

The re-emergence of Mr Sturgess has heightened fears among the public service over what plans Mr O'Farrell might have for redundancies and the privatisation of government services. Mr O'Farrell is also being advised by Max "the axe" Moore-Wilton, John Howard's job-slashing department head.

Mr Sturgess confirmed he had met Mr Baird a number of times, the last time in November. "The message I've been giving them is there's an awful lot of interesting things happening in [Britain] . not just outsourcing, but some interesting private sector contracts where payment is dependent on outcome," Mr Sturgess said from London. "My job is to help explain how this stuff works so that government feels it can make voters and unions feel more comfortable about it."like he did with serco in Queensland australia.

Mr Sturgess was referring to the debt-mired British government, which recently revealed plans to open up virtually all public services to private companies. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron will cut about 500,000 British public servants by 2015. Serco is at the forefront of outsourcing around the world, managing everything from satellites to prisons and traffic light systems. Greens MP John Kaye memorably described Serco as like a "living organism that has found a very rich payload of nutrients".

In August last year, Serco put robots into a Scottish hospital to move waste, linen and clinical supplies at the expense of human workers.

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so serco assange and sturgess all 3 in queensland and both are Lord of the files, or lord of the flies both named after ‘1984’ all linked with al gore, Obama, along with bush through politics, the Australian federal police and the rest involved of the PTB including Murdoch.
 Assange was investigated, followed, wire tapped with sturgess at the helm, where there are high chances that a deal was done with assange for a light fine and charges dropped by the AFP with sturgess being involved, then by coincidence he ends up in London in one of serco’s vans directed by the lord of the files, with a nuclear safety warning next to assange which is run by serco?


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